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Pasadena City College 2014-15 University Core


The LMU University Core emphasizes the formation of students as whole persons, integrated in thinking, feeling, and action.  It is organized around three broad areas, each containing 5 - 6 category requirements. Courses used for major requirements may be used, if approved, to fulfill one of the area categories, thus reducing the number of courses required to complete the Core. The following are the three Core areas:

-- introduces students to the intellectual life of LMU
-- guides them to confront important issues about values, faith, justice, race, gender, sexuality, and culture
-- emphasizes fundamental communication and reasoning skills

-- builds on the skills and knowledge gained in the Foundations
-- refines the Foundations courses through the different disciplinary methods and perspectives of the
   humanities, arts, natural sciences, and social sciences

-- challenges students to take the skills and knowledge from the Foundations and Explorations and apply them
   to interdisciplinary consideration of thematic questions

Transfer students may fulfill the designated categories for Foundations and Explorations.  Requirements for Integrations must be fulfilled at LMU.

The following courses from Pasadena City College will fulfill the following Core categories.  Students choose one course for each category:

First Year Seminar Must be completed at LMU
Rhetorical Arts

Credit for the Rhetorical Arts core is granted upon transfer to LMU only.  Students admitted to the University without having completed the designated courses for RA must complete this requirement at LMU.
Take PHIL 025 plus one course from each of the following categories:

Info Science Literacy Category:  LIB 001, 010A

Oral Rhetoric Category:  SPCH 002, 006
Quantitative Reasoning

Note: Students in the College of Science and Engineering are not required to complete the Quantitative Reasoning Core area.
• MATH 5B, 15, 38, 55H
• STAT 18, 50
Theological Inquiry* No courses identified 
Philosophical Inquiry* No courses identified
Studies in American Diversity • LING 14
*Note: Students with sixty semester hours of transferable coursework are not required to fulfill these two requirements.

Students in the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) are required to fulfill at least one and up to two of the following Core areas under Explorations.

Students in all other Colleges and the School of Film and Television fulfill all core areas in Explorations.
Creative Experience • ART 11A
• ENGL 5A, 6, 8
• PHOT 33 
Historical Analysis and Perspectives • HIST 1A, 1B, 2S, 2B, 7A, 7B, 9A, 9B, 18, 19, 25A, 25C,
  25E, 27A, 27B, 38
Nature of Science, Technology, and Mathematics

Students in the College of Science and Engineering are not required to complete the Nature of Science, Technology and Mathematics core area.
• ANTH 1+1L
• BIOL 10A, 14
• GEOL 12 
• PHSC 3+3L
Understanding Human Behavior • ANTH 2
• ECON 1A, 1B
• PSYC 2, 21