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Studio Arts, Art Education emphasis

Lower Division Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts, Art Education emphasis

The College of Communication and Fine Arts of curricula leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts, emphasis in Art Education.  Students may also earn the major in Art Education with a State of California Secondary Teaching Credential by completing a minor in Secondary Education (SEED). 

Lower Division Major Requirements
Students are required to take 8 courses in Art and Art History as well as 1 foundation course in a specific studio arts focus area.

Art and Art History requirement
ARHS 200: Art of the Western World I ARTHIST 110: Survey of Western Art History I
ARHS 201: Art of the Western World II ARTHIST 120: Survey of Western Art History II
ART 153: Drawing I ART 202: Drawing II
ART 160: Two-Dimensional Design ART 501: Beginning 2D Design
ART 255: Field Experience in Art No course equivalency
ART 257: Painting I ART 300: Introduction to Painting
ART 260: Computer Graphics No course equivalency
ART 275: Three-Dimensional Design ART 502: 3D Design
ART 700: Introduction to Sculpture

Studio Arts Foundation requirement
Students choose one of the following courses as the foundation for their Studio Arts focus:
Choose one course:
ART 154: Drawing II: Figure Drawing
ART 278: Ceramics I
ART 280: Photography I
ART 285: Introduction to Printmaking
Choose one course:
• ART 204: Life Drawing I
• ART 708: Introduction to Ceramics
• PHOTO 10: Beginning Photography

Students interested in printmaking as a focus area fulfill this requirement at LMU.