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Glendale Community College 2015-16 Lower Division Major Requirements

Glendale Community College    
2015-16 Lower Division Major Requirements - In Progress

Students may fulfill lower division major requirements before transferring to LMU.  LMU offers undergraduate curricula leading to the following degrees:

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
African American Studies
Asian and Pacific Studies
Chicana/o Studies 
Classics and Archaeology 
Economics Majors
English Majors
European Studies 
Modern Languages
Political Science
Theological Studies
Urban Studies
Women's Studies 

College of Business Administration
The following are the majors offered by the College of Business Administration. 
Each may be earned with a concentration in either Business Law or International Business.

Business Majors  

College of Communication and Fine Arts
Art History
Communication Studies
Dance Majors
Music Majors 
Studio Arts Majors, Fine Arts emphasis
Studio Arts, Graphic Design emphasis
Studio Arts Majors, Multimedia Arts emphasis
Theatre Arts

Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering 
Biochemistry, ACS-Ceritifed Track
Biochemistry, General Track
Biology, B. A.
Biology, B. S. 
Chemistry, ACS-Certified Track
Chemistry, General Track
Computer Science Major
Environmental Science
Health and Human Sciences
Mathematics Majors
Physics Majors

Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering emphasis
Mechanical Engineering

School of Film and Television
Film and Television Production
Recording Arts

Elementary Teacher Preparation Programs
Liberal Studies

Secondary Teacher Preparation Programs
English, Secondary Teacher Preparation Program in English
Mathematics, Secondary Teacher Preparation Program
Mathematics, Secondary Teacher Preparation Program with a 2042 California Preliminary Single Subject (Secondary) Teaching Credential
Studio Arts, Art Education emphasis
Studio Arts, Art Education emphasis with a State of California Secondary Teaching Credential