Seaver Alumnus Makes Gift to Honor Mentor


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Javier Weckmann
As a student of the late Professor James Foxworthy, Javier Weckmann '78 felt like the proverbial apprentice learning from the master. He probably doubted then that the student would ever equal the teacher.

He is now a successful engineer, program manager and vice president at Tetra Tech Inc., an environmental and civil engineering construction and consulting firm headquartered in Pasadena, Calif. His LMU education, he says, laid the groundwork for his success and Foxworthy's example was the one he wanted to emulate.

"I knew that I wanted to be as respected and well-regarded as Foxworthy. He would always talk about how engineers are very important to society, the 'silent heroes' of society. ...We're involved in solutions to society's problems. So, we're protectors, in a way. When we build a bridge, it's not just for tomorrow. It's for generations. Our responsibility to society runs very deep."

This past year, Weckmann made a donation to the James Foxworthy Laboratory in the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering, to honor his mentor.

The university's current fluids lab was designed five decades ago by the late James Foxworthy. LMU is raising funds to renovate and rename it as the James Foxworthy Laboratory. Housed in Pereira Hall's south wing, it will encompass 4,300 sq. ft. and serve civil and mechanical engineering students. Gifts will support, for example, the purchase of an Aerolab Wind Tunnel, a Technovate Model 9059 Wind Tunnel, a PumpLab model pump system, and a small closed pipe rack. For more information, call Lynn Witherspoon, director of development for Seaver College, at 310.338.7856, or go to .