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LMU, Google Partner to Bring the Campus to the Internet

googleParents, future students and other visitors can now explore the Loyola Marymount campus from afar, thanks to an innovative partnership between the university and online giant Google.

LMU is one of a select group of universities nationwide whose campuses were mapped for Google Street View, using the same technology that lets users explore unfamiliar neighborhoods or plan out driving directions without ever leaving their laptops.

“We’re always looking for new ways to enhance the LMU experience, and this opportunity lets us do that while showcasing our campus at the same time,” said John Kiralla, LMU’s executive director of communications, new media and design.

The university’s mobile app (download iLMU Mobile and our other apps here) already offers a detailed campus map with video tours of LMU landmarks. The new coverage on Google will likely reach more users.

Google recently expanded its Street View offerings to include university campuses as well as other locations, such as theme parks, hiking trails and zoos. The Google team visited LMU over the summer to capture images of the campus. The most notable feature in this version of street view is that virtual visitors now experience via our walkways, trails and roads - as though they were walking around. This is thanks to vehicle and bicycle-mounted mapping cameras from Google.

LMU’s campus features many amenities that routinely show up in “best of” lists, from the William H. Hannon Library, named a “standout” work of architecture by CNN, and the on-campus student housing, named to U.S. News & World Report’s “8 Cool College Dorms” list last year.

“We try not to brag, but this is a beautiful campus, and now the whole world can see even more of it anywhere and anytime,” Kiralla said.