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Students Find Gluten-Free Options at LMU Restaurants

glutenIt’s estimated that 1 out of every 133 people suffers from gluten sensitivity. For those people, finding something to eat at restaurants and cafes can be a struggle.

For students at LMU, gluten sensitivity is becoming less of a burden. Sodexo, which manages on-campus restaurants and eateries, now offers a gluten-free menu with numerous options for every meal.

“Food plays an important part of a student’s life on campus,” said Amyna Mamdani, Sodexo’s director of marketing. “The gluten-free menu allows students with a sensitivity to gluten to have a safe place to eat. They won’t have to worry about getting sick after their meal.”

Be Well at LMU is a food station at the Lair Marketplace where students can find food that contains no gluten. The food servers use equipment and utensils that have not been touched by any other foods. There are a variety of daily entrée options, including flank steak, rotisserie chicken with spiced vegetables, and pork loins with baked potato.

“Students need to be well-fueled and healthy, and we want them to have the best possible dining experience,” Mamdani said. “We’ve received feedback that they really appreciate the new option.”

Sodexo is planning to launch a gluten-free menu at Crimson Lion over the next couple of weeks. They also offer gluten-free snacks at the Lion Del Rey store on-campus. In addition, the head chef will work with any student who has a food allergy or a special diet to develop a special menu that works for them.

“We try to be as accommodating as possible,” Mamdani said. “We want students to acquire the tools and education they need so they can eat nutritious meals.”