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LMU Achieves Silver Rating on National Sustainability Index

ballonaLoyola Marymount University's efforts toward maintaining a sustainable campus have been recognized by a national group that rates universities on how “green” their buildings and policies are.

The silver rating came after LMU’s first evaluation by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. The organization developed its tracking and rating system to encourage sustainability on college campuses and create incentives for continued improvement.

“It’s a big achievement for LMU,” said Joe Rasmussen, the university’s sustainability manager.  “It shows that the university is up there with the major leaders nationwide, and that LMU clearly has policies in place, has set benchmarks and has achieved them."

LMU received high marks for innovation, coordination and planning, dining services, and diversity and affordability. Rasmussen said that sustainability programs are not only about environmental issues, but incorporate social and economic programs.

“Sustainability is much broader than most people think,” Rasmussen said. “In order for an environment to thrive, the economy and society have to thrive as well.”

Rasmussen noted recent and upcoming projects at LMU, pointing to the campus community garden, the Ballona Discovery Park and the Center for Urban Resilience and Ecological Solutions, an educational hub for faculty and students to collaborate on sustainability issues across disciplines. In addition, the campus is working on reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, retrofitting older buildings and updating equipment and infrastructure.

For more about LMU’s sustainability programs, click here.