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‘Tooned’ Into Opportunities

‘Tooned’ Into Opportunities

FreireSophomore animation major Andrew Freire said that there are no limits to the opportunities Loyola Marymount University has offered him, including financial resources.

Freire’s passion for visual art and music led him to study animation. “I remember the first TV show I ever watched was ‘Doug,’ ” he said. “I fell in love with it right away. However, I think it was mostly online Flash animation that inspired me to take up the major. Bringing a character that you really love to life is an amazing feeling. It’s truly euphoric.”

He remarked that the close community at LMU has helped him improve his skills. “There is a lot of individual attention and it is almost as if my professors are collaborators and colleagues,” said Freire.

He said that his storyboarding class has been essential, because Jose Garcia-Moreno, assistant professor in the School of Film and Television, has taught him not only “the elements of story and character, but also the fundamentals of composition and other technical aspects of the medium.”

“He has inspired me a lot. He has a really original style of art and storytelling,” explained Freire. “He showed our class some of his conceptual art. It was really beautiful and enchanting, with a sort of surrealist feel that I had never seen before. He has a genius artistic vision.”

Freire, whose mother is a double alumna, recently received the Alfred J. Kilp, S.J., Scholarship for deserving descendants of alumni. “My parents and I really appreciate this scholarship,” he said. “I have a younger brother and sister so my parents work very hard to give us all the best education possible. This scholarship means a lot to me because it has given me the chance to study at LMU—an opportunity I may not have been given otherwise.”

Freire is currently working on an animated music video for his band and considering studying abroad in the next few semesters. “LMU has been a really great experience for me,” Freire said. “The people, friends and experiences I’ve had have changed me for the better.”