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Zig Gauthier ’99 MBA Teaches LMU Students About Professionalism

Zig Gauthier ’99 MBA, president of Red Varen Studios, spoke to a group of Loyola Marymount University students about the importance of professionalism in the workplace when he visited the campus Feb. 5.

“Have fun in college, but realize you have to adapt to the professional role right now. Be conscious of whether you are aiming to be an asset to the company as of now,” Gauthier said.

The lecture was part of the Humanities in the Corporation Series hosted by LMU’s Career Development Services, the freshman English program and First Year Experience, a retention program for freshmen. The series brings leading professionals in various fields to campus to speak with freshman about the importance of their liberal arts courses. Gauthier addressed interviewing techniques, maintaining professional integrity and other topics. Also, he stressed the importance of becoming an asset of the company you represent.

“It’s about what you can do to serve that company so much that they can’t afford to lose you,” Gauthier said. “It takes drive and a level of commitment to succeed. The sooner you realize your career starts now, the further you will get,” Gauthier said.

Building on his experience of more than ten years working with companies such as Fox Cable Networks, Fox Television Studios, NBC’s Universal’s Sci Fi Channel and the joint Sony/Liberty Media’s Game Show Network, Gauthier now oversees all activities of the Los Angeles-based television and film production company Red Varen Studios. He drew correlations to the success of his career to being able to strategically network.

“Nothing is more important than networking. Maximize your relationships at your current job to leverage your opportunities to get into bigger jobs or internships. You will then meet the right people at the right time,” Gauthier said.

In light of the economic climate, Gauthier advised the audience that “every industry is cutting jobs. You have to learn to see from the perspective of the marketplace and look at what does it take to succeed. Companies are looking for candidates who will go over and beyond what is required of the job,” Gauthier said.