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Young Artist Illustrates Her Point of View

Carly Correa never considered a career in art until she enrolled at Loyola Marymount University. Correa ’10 began as a philosophy major. After registering for her first classes, she realized something: “I can’t go through college without taking art classes.”

correa2Correa, who has been drawing since she was a child, began to find her perspective as an artist at LMU. “The LMU art department allows you to cultivate who you are as an artist,” she said.

A first-generation college graduate, Correa knew she wanted to attend a college close to home. She was pleased to find that LMU was “the perfect blend of everything.” Correa noted that scholarships from the LMU Honors Program and the Mexican American Alumni Association made it possible for her to attend the university.

Correa believes in LMU’s Jesuit mission of social justice and she made service to others a priority during her time at LMU. As a member of the service organization Ignatians, Correa worked at homeless shelters and learned the value of making a personal connection with those in need. Correa also volunteered time with ARTsmart, an LMU program that provides underserved school-age children with fine arts instruction.

Although Correa said she is “still figuring out who [she is] as an artist,” her dedication earned her the Studio Arts Award from the College of Communication and Fine Arts. Correa’s work was featured in Attic Salt, the LMU honors interdisciplinary journal, and she was spotlighted in this year’s LMU yearbook. In describing her artistic style, Correa said, “My art is colorful, whimsical. I like to spread cheer with my art.”

Correa will be assisting drawing class instructors at LMU in the fall. She hopes to become a university art professor. “Art will always be a part of my life,” she said.

Posted July 26, 2010