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Working with a Legend

MalzoneAfter studying video arts and multimedia at Loyola Marymount University, Anthony Malzone ’03 went on to work on many professional design projects. In his years as student at LMU, he never imagined he would be working with a music industry legend. His ongoing collaboration with the music artist Prince has been one of his most challenging and stimulating projects.

Malzone, a studio arts major at LMU, was referred to Prince by a work colleague. He met with Prince at Prince’s home in Los Angeles and was hired on the spot. Prince had already seen Malzone’s portfolio and liked what he saw.

In the past several months, Malzone designed stage sets for Prince’s performances, album/cd artwork and a new Web site. When Prince released an album, designed by Malzone, in March, he accompanied it with an appearance on The Tonight Show for three consecutive nights. In another first, Malzone worked with the staff at The Tonight Show to design and create the stage sets. After the performances, Malzone earned high praise from Prince. “That was one of the coolest sets I’ve ever played in,” the artist told him.

The album release week culminated with three concerts – all performed on one night – at three venues in Los Angeles. Malzone, who had just started an apparel company, designed a shirt that Prince wore on stage during one of the concerts. Malzone’s first order for his apparel company was 20,000 shirts for Prince’s new Web site members.

Malzone continues to work with Prince, designing stage sets for him in the United States and abroad. But he continues his work for the film industry and retail industry as well. He recently worked on the Web site that was launched in July for “New Moon,” the next installment in the popular “Twilight” film series. “Now I’m able to pick and choose what project I want to work on,” he says.

When Malzone thinks back to his days as a student at LMU, he remembers two classes especially well: an animation class and an illustration class. They helped Malzone develop his talents and inspired him to challenge himself, he says.

Although Malzone now has a great deal of design experience, he says a lot of hard work remains the key to his future. “It’s just as tough to start the next project because the expectation is even higher,” he says.