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Westchester High School Students Get Résumé and Interview Tips

"So, tell me about yourself?" It seems like that is always the much-anticipated question at any job interview. But as a group of Westchester High Schools (WHS) students learned in a recent résumé and interviewing workshop offered by Loyola Marymount University, the key to a successful interview is in the preparation.

Approximately 180 WHS students prepared for the day-long workshop on Friday, Jan. 25, by creating their very first résumé. The documents were reviewed by representatives from LMU’s Career Development Services (CDS) who then offered constructive criticism to the eager ninth graders.

According to Steve Savage, career counselor at LMU, the résumé and mock interview program allows high school students to develop a very valuable set of skills. “As a professional I understand the connection between the world of work and education and it’s important to emphasize this to students.”

Savage and Nicole De Voe, CDS employer services specialist, coordinated the program in partnership with counselors and teachers at WHS. Instructors for the program included graduate and undergraduate LMU student volunteers, representatives from the School of Education as well as members of CDS. Jonathan Gomez, admission counselor, spoke to the group about the necessary requirements to pursue higher education.

The community-wide effort to host the workshop left students with plenty of tips to improve the way they sell themselves to potential employers, but to LMU representatives it meant much more.

“The program illustrates and shares the values of the university,” explained Savage. “Ultimately, we want students to take their education to the next level and it makes an impact when they know that there are people here who are making an effort on their behalf.”

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