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The Balancing Act of Student Leadership

Even though junior philosophy major Sean Tierney’s term as ASLMU president is officially completed he still plans to remain connected to the pulse of LMU during his senior year.

“I will still be apart of the fabric of the university,” Tierney said. “I accepted a position as public editor for The Loyolan.”

Tierney’s greatest accomplishment while at ASLMU was creating and implementing a new constitution. The new document will allow ASLMU to operate more efficiently and provide more autonomy for cabinet members

“The real credit belongs to the ASLMU cabinet for all of the work they did this past year. It was their work that carried the student body,” Tierney said.

Tierney learned many lessons about leadership. Because he had to make decisions that were not always popular with his peers, he sometimes had to walk a line between being friends with them and being president.

“I couldn’t put my president hat on one moment and then take it off the next,” Tierney said. “It was challenging to find the balance between representing the students and maintaining friendships, but my primary task was always to stay true to LMU’s mission of justice.”

Another goal of Tierney’s was to prove that fun and social justice are not mutually exclusive. For example, all proceeds from food sales at College Fest, an annual concert sponsored by ASLMU that is one of the highlights of student life, were donated to a local nonprofit organization.

“As ASLMU president, you have to have fun with the job without losing sight of the important work we are trying to do,” Tierney said.

After Tierney graduates, he plans to pursue fellowships and attend law school.

His experience at this university has helped him utilize the talents he has been given. “LMU has been the best opportunity for me to grow as a human being,” Tierney said.