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Student Lands a Summer Internship at the U.N. During Her Semester Abroad

dobreerLena Dobreer, a senior business administration major at Loyola Marymount University, described her semester in Bonn, Germany as a “wonderful experience.” Dobreer was enrolled in some core upper division courses while living abroad in fall 2009, and it was through her Fieldwork Practicum course that she got an internship at the United Nations campus in Bonn.

Dobreer worked part-time as an intern at the U.N. for about two months. By the time she left Bonn, she had been offered a summer internship with the same office. During her internship, Dobreer was assigned an unexpected project. She worked with the Convention on Migratory Species and wrote articles about threatened mountain gorillas in Uganda and other areas in Africa. Her work’s primary focus was on raising awareness.

Her experiences working at the U.N. and living in Europe have changed Dobreer’s perspective on her culture and career. “[In the future] I’m going to take a few risks that I wouldn’t have considered before,” she said. Dobreer had never visited Europe, and her semester abroad allowed her to visit cities throughout Germany, as well as France, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Dobreer described living in Bonn as “something to get used to.” She dined on German food with her host family each night, used public transportation to get around the city, and learned some conversational German. She admits that she tried a lot of things in Bonn that she would never try in Los Angeles. Dobreer said her semester abroad “definitely changed [her] outlook.”