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Senior Jeremy Flores' Documentary Takes Him to Big Sky Film Festival

Jeremy FloresLoyola Marymount University senior Jeremy Flores learned the art of storytelling from his family.

“I got my inspiration from growing up in a large family,” Flores said. “Whenever everyone got together we would sit around and tell stories.”

Flores has continued the tradition, but now he prefers to tell stories through film. In 2007, the film production major in LMU’s School of Film and Television studied abroad in Dusseldorf, Germany, where he got the idea to direct “Propaganda Repolution.” The documentary tells about a Spanish graffiti artist who spends most of his time in Barcelona, Spain, spray-painting stenciled artwork as a statement against corporatism.

"There is a visible imbalance as far as access to advertising. Community billboards are rare, so an artist or band can't promote themselves without risk of fines, but a corporation can always purchase large public spaces to endorse a new food, show, or movie,” Flores said.

The nine-minute film was selected for the 2009 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in February. Flores was one of the few student filmmakers who made it into the selective festival in Missoula, Montana.

“Getting into a festival is a good feeling, especially one that is growing. It’s also great to have your film seen by people who don’t know you or your experience and who really enjoy independent films,” Flores said.

Flores is working on his senior narrative thesis, a Western film that follows the lives of two men the night before their impending duel. It deals with themes of family, loneliness and pride. After graduation, he hopes to take the short into film circuits. Also, Flores wants to continue to pursue writing and directing independent films.

“The best thing about LMU's film school is the opportunity to make multiple films. We can take risks, experiment and then take that experience and apply it toward the next project. This environment of trial of error is the best way LMU can prepare us for a future in filmmaking,” Flores said.

Photo: Flores (center) directing a scene in his upcoming film, "Sun Up."