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Senior Fulfills Her Dreams Through Merrifield Scholarship

Senior political science major Ana Rivera never thought that going to the college of her dreams would become a reality. But now, as a recipient of the 2010 Merrifield Scholarship, Rivera’s goal of graduating from Loyola Marymount University is more real than ever.

“I feel like it’s a fairy tale coming to life. Everything is happening to me the way I envisioned it as a child,” Rivera said. “I don’t have the words to express how lucky I am to be at LMU.”

Prior to receiving the scholarship, Rivera had worked three jobs, sometimes more than 70 hours a week. She thought that she might have to postpone college due to mounting financial pressures. However, Rivera now feels grateful to have time to focus on her studies.

“This scholarship is not going to a student who doesn’t need it,” Rivera said. “It’s helping me to graduate from college.”

Rivera transferred to LMU as a junior through LMU's Adelante Scholars Program, a community-based learning program that helps Latino transfer students during their transition year.

“Everyone has the same opportunity for success in this country. I was a poor kid who had nothing, but now I’m fulfilling my dreams. I feel like I received an award from God,” Rivera said.

Posted Aug. 16, 2010