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Senior David Blatter Receives Kilroy Scholarship

David Blatter ’09 is not the first Blatter family member to attend LMU. As the recipient of the 2007-08 Kilroy Scholarship, a scholarship that aims to help the family members of alumni attend LMU, the senior philosophy and theology double major is now among seven Blatter family member to come to LMU, including his younger sister Jessica, who is a junior.

"Receiving the Kilroy Scholarship this year has greatly reduced my student loan debt," Blatter said. "It has also made it possible for both my sister and I to continue our education at LMU uninterrupted."

Asked his most distinctive experience at LMU, Blatter highlighted his semester in Bonn, Germany. "Studying abroad has changed the way that I see the world and react to different cultures. It forced me into an uncomfortable situation and made me fit in, so to speak, into a different culture from my own."

Blatter loved Germany so much that he hopes to go back and live there for an extended period after graduation. Blatter is a member of Crimson Circle and the award-winning men’s club volleyball team. He hopes to become a teacher at a Catholic high school and eventually become a university professor.

"I chose to study theology and philosophy in an attempt to learn how to live. I hope that one day I can give back to LMU and help students get the best education possible as I have been lucky enough to get," Blatter said.