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Scholar’s Hard Work Pays Off

Scholar’s Hard Work Pays Off

Matt KayMatt S. Kay is an on-the-go scholar who works hard to maximize his experiences at Loyola Marymount University. Between rugby practice, fraternity duties, managing a full time job and studying for tests, he does not have a second to spare.

“What I will take most from LMU when I graduate is the fact that I am always active,” said Kay. “I have stayed constantly stimulated by the LMU community, and all the different activities I have chosen to become a part of and undertake. I have learned responsibility and time management skills.”

Kay is in his junior year as a double major, studying English and philosophy. He enjoys composing nonfiction essays with anthropological and philosophical themes. Although his main focus is on completing his degrees, he is already thinking about a career in law.

“Employment law appeals to me because my family has instilled in me principles of equality, regardless of race or gender and my wish is to see those principles permeate in the workplace,” said Kay.

As a troubleshooter in the student-worker program, Kay is responsible for a variety of tasks, including setting up equipment for events, distributing newspapers and assisting the Jesuit community with shuttle services. He works approximately 40 hours a week to cover his tuition. Receiving the Alfred J. Kilp, S.J., Scholarship, which is awarded to deserving descendants of alumni, was both a big satisfaction and relief.

“This scholarship coupled with my place in the student-worker program has enabled me to earn enough to stay debt free while putting myself through school,” said Kay. “I am trying as best as I can to soak up every experience that I have here at LMU, both good and bad. I don’t take anything for granted and I am appreciated to those who support me in my endeavors.”