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SECOP Gives Participants a Look Inside Space Service Company

Fourteen female high school student participants in the Science and Engineering Community Outreach Program at Loyola Marymount University toured the SpaceX facilities in Hawthorne, Calif., on July 11. The tour introduced the SECOP participants to a space service company focused on cutting-edge research and design.

"When students, especially women, think about jobs in math and science they tend to only think about medicine, but this gives them an idea of what potential there is for science, engineering and tech jobs," said Barbara Christie, director of SECOP.

SpaceX develops rockets and spacecrafts for missions to Earth’s orbit and beyond. The SECOP students visited the factory where the rocket jet engines are built, toured a space capsule, and talked with a SpaceX representative about potential careers in engineering. At the end of the tour, the students presented SpaceX with a certificate of appreciation.

The tour was one among many activities organized this summer by SECOP, a two-week summer residential program for high school juniors from underrepresented minority populations who have a strong interest in, and aptitude for, science and mathematics. Other activities included an opportunity to work with robots, a visit to a U.S. Coast Guard post and a panel discussion with LMU alumni who work in science and engineering.

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