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Research on Japanese Artist Wins Student Honorable Mention in Library Awards

Loyola Marymount University junior Dorothy Ford earned an honorable mention in the 2010 Library Undergraduate Research Awards for her research project “The Greatest Perfection: Spatial Aberrations in Sesshu’s Long Scroll.” The paper examined the artwork of Sesshu Toyo, a Zen Japanese painter.

“I was genuinely impressed by all of the other student’s research work, so I was very excited and surprised to be honored,” said Ford, a humanities major. “There’s a lot of dignity in knowing that I could actually earn something with my own work, and I really appreciate that.”

The Library Undergraduate Research Award acknowledges students whose use of the services, resources, and collections of the William H. Hannon Library produce a scholarly or creative work. Ford applied for the award after being encouraged by her professor in an “Art of Japan” course. She said she utilized the library to develop her ideas and appreciation of Toyo and his ability to express the inexpressible through black ink.

Ford, who has had a lifelong fascination with art, felt a personal connection to the research project. “I have never experienced anything as deeply or profoundly as Japanese landscapes, and so my paper was really about explaining how I felt when I looked at them,” Ford said. 

To further her interest in Japanese culture, Ford plans to study abroad in Japan. 

Posted June 7, 2010