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Rep. Maxine Waters Visits LMU Students

Rep Maxine Waters Fall 09 VisitRep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) toured Loyola Marymount University’s Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering, where she saw newly purchased nano-technology equipment and the personal touch with students for which the school is known.

Waters watched a student-led demonstration using an atomic force microscope, an instrument she helped to secure funds for last year. The microscope, which can measure 1/1000th of a millimeter, is being used by students to conduct groundbreaking research into Alzheimer's disease. 

LMU’s program is the only known undergraduate program in the country with this microscope. Dean Richard Plumb said that most science colleges do not allow students to work with such equipment until they are working toward a Ph.D. “LMU undergrads work on their own research alongside their professors,” Plumb said. “We’re putting them ahead of other students at the graduate level and creating Rep Maxine Waters Fall 09 Visit, pic 2leaders for the future.”
Waters also visited students enrolled in the new program, A Community Committed to Excellence in Science Scholarship. The program provides 18 incoming freshmen a head start by participating in a three-week residency focused on academics and critical thinking in the sciences. The students conducted a mock class they plan to teach at Lennox Middle School. Waters took questions from the LMU students and commended them on their participation in the sciences.

Waters represents the 35th District, which includes LMU. To learn more about government relations at LMU, visit www.lmu.edu/community 

Posted Sept. 8, 2009