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Professors Jeremy Pal and Jose Saez Help Student Stay at LMU

Jeremy Pal, civil engineering professor, noticed that one of his students wasn’t on campus at the beginning of the spring semester. After inquiring into the situation, Pal took action when he found out that the student wasn’t able to attend LMU due to financial reasons.  

“I knew something had to be done when I found out his financial situation was the only thing preventing him from coming back to LMU,” Pal said. “It would have been a shame for the university to lose a student of this quality. The real credit goes to Dean Plumb who was able to find a way to get the student back on campus without losing a semester”

Pal, with the aide of colleague Jose Saez, immediately approached William Trott, department chair and engineering professor, Richard Plumb, dean of the Seaver College of Science and Engineering, and the financial aid office to find a solution to the problem. The student was awarded the Kilroy scholarship and was back in class by the second week of the semester.

“I am so grateful for the scholarship, and to be back at LMU,” said the student. “LMU professors really do care about their students. They check-up on us, and see how we move through life.”