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Political Science Professor Honored With Teacher Eddy Award

Finkel Eddy 
2010Jodi Finkel, associate professor of political science at Loyola Marymount University, was honored as an outstanding teacher at the 27th annual Teacher Eddy Awards dinner and reception May 20, 2010.

“I am incredibly honored to receive [the award]. I dedicate it to my students who continually inspire me and make me proud to be a professor at LMU,” Finkel said.

The Teacher Eddy Awards are given by the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce to local educators who nurture and encourage the community’s next generation of business leaders. Sixteen other teachers were also honored at the event on the LMU campus. 

“Strong educators encourage and build strong young people, who then grow to become strong business people. We hope that these young people will then put their business sense and sharp minds back into the community, thus bettering our local business climate,” said Tom Flintoft, chairman of the chamber, in an Argonaut newspaper interview.

Finkel has taught at LMU since 2001. Her courses focus on political and economic challenges in the developing world. She is a founder of MuJER, a literacy program for sex workers in Guatemala, and a founding board member of HOY, a volunteer organization in Mexico. Finkel was the 2009 winner of the Fritz B. Burns Distinguished Teaching Award, LMU’s most prestigious teaching honor.

Posted May 24, 2010