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Poetry and Art Connect in an LMU Course on Creative Composition

Poets experience the seemingly endless possibilities of laying words on a page, but this fall, Loyola Marymount University will introduce a course that will allow students to expand their poetry through expressive typography.

Gail Wronsky, professor of English, and Joe Molloy, art and art history faculty member, co-developed a course, “A Design Beyond Design,” which will combine students' poetry and typography. Students from each discipline will work together to create a visual display for the written word.

“Words made visible can become part of the poetry when scale, typeface, space, color and pattern are effectively orchestrated,” Molloy said.

The final projects will be showcased at the Thomas P. Kelly Jr. Student Art Gallery from Nov. 5 – 18, and will be featured in a limited edition portfolio. The opening night will include activities coordinated by faculty and students where guests can participate in developing typography.

“I hope graphic design students gain confidence in making choices -- ranging from conventional to experimental. I hope poetry students gain awareness of how placements on the page, as well as space in and around letters, are critical to communication of poetic concepts. In the end, each group will have learned from the other,” Molloy said.