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Philosophy Major First to Graduate with Catholic Studies Minor

After eight years of Jesuit education, Beto Bravo ’10 has zero complaints. He attended Brophy College Preparatory School in Phoenix and then headed to Loyola Marymount University as a philosophy major with a minor in political science.  After the two theology courses required by the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, his intellectual cravings weren’t satisfied. Bravo began looking into the Theological Studies Department.

“I think I was just used to taking a religion class every year like I did in high school,” Bravo said. “I remember hearing about the Catholic Studies minor being introduced in my freshman year and started to take classes whenever I thought I could fit one into my schedule.”

It wasn't until the fall semester of his senior year that Bravo declared the minor, but his coursework had made him eligible to be the first student to graduate from the new program.

“What makes the minor so enjoyable is that Catholic Studies courses are cross-listed with other departments, so there's plenty of variety to choose from.  In my “Jesus in Christianity/Islam” course, we studied and discussed straight from the Bible and the Quran. My “Detecting the Divine” course was basically an English class, while in “Film and Spirituality” we watched and discussed movies and religion.”

Bravo hopes to attend graduate school, but first will take time off to do post-graduate service.

“Looking back,” he added, “I really have to hand it to my Jesuit professors. They have not only provided a firm backbone for my classes, but each of them always wondered how I was doing and growing as a person.  Graduating with a Catholic Studies minor is really the best end to my education here at LMU, as well as a great culmination to the eight years of Jesuit education I have been blessed to have.”