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New Faces on Campus Strengthen LMU’s Diversity

New Faces on Campus Strengthen LMU’s Diversity

For the first time, Loyola Marymount University received admission applications from every state in the country. International representation is also higher than in recent years. Students have arrived from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Uruguay, Indonesia, Spain and many other countries.

The fall 2008 semester welcomed 2,323 new graduate, transfer and first-year students to LMU.

“We are very excited to have such a diverse and talented group of students,” said Anne Prisco, vice president of enrollment management. “Diversity is integral to LMU’s mission, and the uniqueness that these students bring with them enriches everyone’s LMU experience.”

“The interaction with so many international students in the MBA program has been my favorite LMU experience thus far,” said Prerna Garkhail, who came to Los Angeles from India, attracted by LMU’s highly regarded MBA program. “LMU is very welcoming to students like me who have come out of their country for the first time.”

LMU’s School of Education doctoral program, welcomed 23 new graduate students, the largest group since the program was created four years ago.

A surprisingly high percentage—32 percent—of the 1,261 first-year students came from outside of California. The first-year class is not only the most geographically diverse, but they are also top academic performers in terms of SAT scores. A record number of applications—more than 9,000—allowed the university to be more selective than ever.

“We can expect to see a lot of great things from all our new students,” said Prisco. “We know they are talented, and they seem very spirited too.”

Following are additional statistics on first-year students at LMU:

Number of first-year applicants, fall 2008 9,076
(Number of first-year applicants, fall 2000) 6,455

Number of first-year students offered admission 4,543
(Number of first-year students enrolled as of October 2008) 1,261

57 percent female
43 percent male

Ethnic Diversity (as reported by students)
55 percent Caucasian
21 percent Latino
11 percent Asian/Pacific Islander
7 percent African American
2 percent International
5 percent other (includes not declared)

School/College of their major
31 percent liberal arts
27 percent business administration
20 percent science and engineering
12 percent communications and fine arts
10 percent film and television