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Mother, Daughter Inspire Each Others’ Dreams

Magalí Del Bueno Riancho ’08 said Loyola Marymount University always felt like home. Little did the alumna know her mother, Alicia Del Bueno, would also find the university felt like home. 

Magali and Alicia are graduate students at LMU and were each awarded a 2009-2010 Mexican American Alumni Association scholarship for Hispanic students. Magali is pursuing a master’s degree in theology, Alicia is studying literacy and language arts; both are working toward bilingual education credentials.

Alicia first grew fond of LMU during her daughter’s undergraduate years. “I saw the love that Magali had for the university,” Alicia said. “I felt that LMU was a welcoming environment and that the education I would receive would be of great quality.”

In most cases, a child attends the alma mater of the parent, but Magali and Alicia are enjoying their reversed circumstance, especially the bond that it has formed between them. “Magali made me feel like a part of the LMU family because of my participation as a parent. She pushed me to accomplish my dreams of becoming a teacher and I thank her for that,” Alicia said. “All of my schooling occurred in Argentina and I felt it was lost when I started my second career in the United States.”

“I cannot express how proud I am of my mom and I am so joyful and honored to be able to share the same place of study with her,” Magali said. “Seeing her fulfill a dream by pursuing a master’s degree and reach her goal of helping children by becoming a teacher is such a blessing I can’t describe.” 

Magali and Alicia will be among the scholars honored at the 28th Annual MAAA – Latinos for Education Scholarship Awards Dinner on Thursday, Nov. 5. To learn more about making contributions that help LMU students seize new opportunities, please visit www.lmu.edu/maaa or call Edgar Aguirre at 310.338.5878.