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Martha Diaz Aszkenazy '81 Honored as 2009 LA Leader

AszkenazyMartha Diaz Aszkenazy '81 believes that one of the key characteristics of a successful business leader is to be grounded in ethical behavior.

“A person who is looking to cut corners and make a quick buck will not last long in business. You have to establish solid ethical practices on a strong foundation or you will break down after the first obstacle you hit,” Aszkenazy said.

Aszkenazy, who is the president of a general contracting firm and the co-publisher of the San Fernando Valley Sun newspaper, will be one of three recipients of this year’s LA Leaders Distinguished Alumni Award presented by Loyola Marymount University’s Alumni Association. The award is given to alumni who are living out LMU’s mission in unique ways.

“It is quite an honor to receive this award, especially coming from such a prestigious university that I am very proud of and a stakeholder in,” Aszkenazy said.

The College of Business Administration alumna said that her success in business comes in part from her personal and professional development at LMU.

“I benefited from a well-rounded curriculum as a business/economics major … but I was also taught that being moral and ethical is essential for long-term success,” Aszkenazy said. “In an Ethics for Business course we learned that the two disciplines may coexist. Sometimes the high road is a little tougher, but in the end it is the most secure and enduring.”

Aszkenazy is the mother of two sons and plays an active role in serving her alma mater as an LMU regent, chairperson of the Regents’ Graduate Support Task and vice president of the Mexican American Alumni Association board.

“I truly believe in the mission of this university. LMU prepares professionals who have a sense of right and wrong and will help shape the future dynamics of our city, the nation and beyond,” Aszkenazy said.

The reception for the LA Leader honorees will take place Feb. 26, at the California Club in downtown Los Angeles.