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Mane Course Brings Students and Alumni Together to Network

At Mane Course dinners, students are seated with LMU alumni who share their career interests. Junior Casey Linsey said, “I have attended Mane Course almost every semester I have been at LMU…I always receive useful information and advice from the alumni at the event.”

Mane CourseNow in its fourth year, Mane Course is, “designed to make meaningful connections between students and alumni, offering program participants an excellent opportunity to establish new relationships,” according to the LMU Alumni Relations Web site. This year’s dinner event included 50 students and six alumni guests.

Alumni who participate in Mane Course are encouraged to share experiences from their time at LMU and their professional experiences with students.

David Tripler, a junior film and television production major, was seated at a table with Evan Ward-Henninger ‘00, an alumnus who works for a nonprofit organization that helps aspiring filmmakers get funding to produce films. “Film is something I definitely want to be involved in throughout my life,” Tripler said. “I am working on a script and the alumnus even took time after the event to speak with me on a more personal level. He invited me to check out the offices to get a better sense as to what the daily operations consist of.”

Linsey, a political science and communications double major, said, “I sat with Frances Young ’94 B.A., ’97 J.D., a prosecutor who was in my shoes while she was at LMU. She was extremely involved on campus, and she went on to law school, which I hope to do. She spoke about her own experience in choosing a particular field of law which was interesting to hear. In addition, her advice as to work-life balance was extremely relevant to me.”

The next Mane Course will take place in March, 2010.

Posted Nov. 16, 2009