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Making a Difference: Alumni for Others Tutor 8th Graders

Making a Difference: Alumni for Others Tutor 8th Graders -- It is widely known that LMU students are active in community service. However, for many of them the idea of giving back to others does not stop after graduation. Through programs like Alumni for Others, LMU lions continue to make a difference throughout Los Angeles and the world, long after their student days have ended.

For seven years a cornerstone project of LMU’s Alumni for Others program has been a tutoring assignment that prepares 8th graders from 55 inner city grade schools in Southern California for their high school placement exams.

Alumni spend a minimum of two Saturday mornings at Loyola High School, located in Los Angeles, where participants provide guidance to more than 700 students studying for their big tests. The weekend includes reviewing the essentials in mathematics and English as well as brushing up on their interview skills. In the course of the last seven years, more than 150 LMU alumni and friends have participated in this unique program.

Founded on the principle from the gospel of Matthew 10:8, which states that “the gift you have received, give as a gift,” this program is doing just that. To Linda Marie Lang ’76, assistant director for alumni relations at LMU and a regular volunteer, the most rewarding part of the experience is “knowing that you have helped to make a difference in a child’s life.”

Other activities that the group engages in have included building homes for needy families in Tijuana and renovating inner-city schools. To learn how to get involved with Alumni for Others, please visit www.lmu.edu/alumni.