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M.B.A. Grad Makes Her Name as Thriller Writer

When Rebecca Forster wrote her first novel, she put her LMU M.B.A. degree and her marketing experience to work. No, she didn’t write about a corrupt or heroic corporate executive. She analyzed the world of publishing to find the most efficient way into the market.

The budding writer discovered that the romance industry encouraged new authors to submit manuscripts directly, without using an agent. That’s because romance publishers need large inventories. She also learned that publishers will help promote romance series more than stand-alone titles.

Forster’s first book, “A Delicate Matter,” came about when her assistant dared her to write a novel. Her assistant told everyone in the office about the conversation, upping the ante.

“I never wanted to write, but I did it to save face,” Forster says. “After my first book, I thought I would maybe write as a hobby. However, I fell in love with the process and traded in my corporate life for a creative one.”

Forster soon left the romance market and made her name with legal thrillers. Twenty-four years later, she has written 24 novels...

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