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Loyola Law Student Motivated by Previous Medical Volunteer Service

As an undergraduate at Loyola Marymount University, Abrahim Bagheri ’08 was determined to enter the medical field. With a particular interest in optometry, Bagheri served as president of the LMU chapter of Unite for Sight, an organization that specializes in providing eye services to the medically underserved around the world.

Bagheri spent his 2008 Christmas break in Chennai, India, on a Unite for Sight trip. He helped more than 500 patients schedule cataract surgeries and receive eyeglasses. It was this volunteer opportunity, and others like it, that made the then-biology major reevaluate his career choice. Bagheri was struck by the excessive number of patients that spoke of legal concerns surrounding their medical conditions.

“It was often difficult to listen to people’s stories of legal troubles while being helpless to solve them and to see their legal problems put a direct strain on their health,” Bagheri said. “During this period, I realized my true calling was to help solve low-income individuals’ legal troubles, including securing their right to health care.”

Now a student at Loyola Law School, Bagheri has not decided which type of law he would like to enter into, but remains open to the various possibilities. He offered his encouragement to undergraduate students who may be considering a career path different than what they originally intended.

He added, “Attending LMU helped me become more aware of the hardships faced by others. Many of the classes I took as a freshman and sophomore emphasized the importance of social justice. When confronted with individuals in need over these past few years, I have been reminded that serving the less fortunate is always the right thing to do regardless of job title.”

Posted Jan. 19, 2010