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LMU’s School of Education Gets Chamber of Commerce Commendation

The LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce has honored Loyola Marymount University’s commitment to schools in the Westchester area. Shane Martin, dean of the School of Education at LMU, accepted the commendation at the chamber’s Installation Dinner on June 19, 2009.
“Through the LMU Family of Schools, the university is bringing its resources to the classrooms and allowing teachers, parents and students to participate in making our schools even better,” said Jim Ferro, the outgoing chairman of the Chamber of Commerce chapter. “We are pleased to have such a visionary educational institution right here in our own backyard.”
The LMU Family of Schools, which is dedicated to transforming public education in Los Angeles, utilizes the resources of teachers, students, parents and policymakers. The program is focused on seven Los Angeles Unified School District schools in the Westchester area and works with the iDesign Division of LAUSD.
LMU Family of Schools has helped initiate student programs, consulted in the hiring of administrators and assisted parents, community leaders and teachers in setting up school governance councils.
“We are grateful for the recognition by the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce,” Martin said. “LMU’s commitment to the Family of Schools puts the educational needs of our community at the heart and center of the university.”