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LMU’s Honors Program Expands Its Role

Loyola Marymount University’s Honors Program is backing up brain power with public relations brawn. The Honors Program faculty is determined that the program become better known around campus and help revitalize the intellectual life of the university. They also are taking steps to better reach eligible current freshmen and high school seniors.

Among the initiatives will be an Honors Program-sponsored series of lectures featuring prominent speakers that will be open to the student body as a whole, not restricted to a single department or program.

An important change in the program occurs this spring, when enrollment will be opened to second-semester freshmen. Before this year, said Brad Stone, director of the Honors Program and associate professor of philosophy, only incoming freshmen were eligible. Now, students who relish the challenge of the Honors Program yet, for whatever reason, don’t enroll in the fall semester will have a second chance to join.

The Honors Program – a core replacement, seminar-style curriculum – is not “harder and more” of what other LMU students are doing. The program, studied concurrent to the student’s major, is a qualitatively different intellectual experience, the intensive study of a variety of subjects. LMU Honors Program students are dedicated to intellectual adventure, to the joy of reflecting on great ideas and to accomplishing creative projects.

“Twenty-first century students need a 21st century approach … multilingual and multidisciplinary,” said Stone. “They need to be able to think and thrive in an environment that will require interplay between the humanities, the sciences and the arts. Some exciting research in recent years here at LMU has come from honors students. We’re going to build on that.” 

As the lecture series will make the Honors Program more visible on campus, so a campaign through the Admission Office will reach prospective students. That effort will include a brochure about the program and a higher profile in attracting students to LMU. 

For more information about the Honors Program, click here.

Posted Dec. 21, 2009