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LMU’s Financial Aid Office Gets Their Message Out

An e-mail reminder about the financial aid renewal process might get overlooked. So might a letter to parents. If those are missed or put off for later, there are plenty of other venues for Loyola Marymount students to be reminded. Students will see posters around campus, and they’ll likely find a flyer under their residence hall door. They’ll see information cards on tables in LMU’s dining halls. They might even see a reminder taped to a bathroom stall door. Anywhere they can, LMU’s Financial Aid Office conveys the message that financial assistance is available.

“My passion is to ensure access to college for all students,” said Catherine Graham, LMU director of financial aid. “We work with students and parents to help them make the dream of higher education possible.”

The efforts to spread the word about financial aid options go beyond current students to high school students and their parents. LMU offers 16 to 20 presentations at high schools in the L.A. area, including Loyola High, Hawthorne Math and Science Academy, El Segundo High and St. Bernard. Graham’s staff talk to hundreds of people at a time, outlining a step-by-step guide to the financial aid process. The two-hour workshops offer parents and high school students a thorough description of the financial aid process, no matter which colleges or universities they are considering.

“Meeting the students and parents with the look of fear and confusion in their eyes and being able to bring an ease to their minds . . . is why I am so grateful I have the opportunity to be a part of the LMU financial aid team and reach out to as many students as we do,” said Kristen Rivas, assistant director of counseling and outreach.

The priority deadline is March 2 for continuing undergraduates to apply for aid for 2009-2010. For more information about the Financial Aid Office, including important deadlines for filing, go to www.lmu.edu/financialaid.