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LMU Workshop Develops High School Filmmakers

Summer Creative Workshop - signTwelve high school seniors went behind the cameras during the fifth annual Summer Creative Workshop at Loyola Marymount University. Working in teams, the students created two animated shorts and two short films from screenplay to final cut and learned a bit about themselves.

“They start off a little insecure, a little intimidated,” said Mark Evan Schwartz, associate dean of the School of Film and Television. “But then they bond and become a team. They arrive bewildered and by the end  they say to themselves, ‘We did it.’ ” Schwartz and Jenny Manriquez, a project coordinator for SFTV, directed the Summer Creative Workshop, which was held July 6 to July 17, 2010.

The production-oriented workshop, launched in 2006, took the students through the entire  creative process – the students wrote the films, acted in them (or drew them), directed them, shot them and edited them – on two four-minute live action films and two one-minute animated shorts. Half of the students worked on the live action films, half on the animated shorts.

Summer Creative Workshop - classThere is an added dimension beginning this year: the students stayed on campus for the two-week workshop, giving them a full-time filmmaking experience. In previous years, the workshop was held during the day, and students would go home a night. Now they had the opportunity to return to work on their films after dinner. The students were drawn from Westchester High School, Crenshaw High School and Heart of Los Angeles, or HOLA, a center that serves students with programs in academics, the arts and athletics.  Schwartz said that this year’s group was marked by its diversity, even more so than previous workshops.

Schwartz added that the university’s Academic Resource Center will continue working with the students after the workshop, helping prepare them for college.  The Summer Creative Workshop is supported by the Stuart Foundation, the Elbridge and Debra Stuart Family Foundation, and Paul and Patti Fieberg.

Posted July 12, 2010