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LMU Welcomes First Campus Sustainability Coordinator

Loyola Marymount University recently named Joseph Rasmussen as its campus sustainability coordinator. The position, the first of its kind at the university, was created in an effort to further encourage environmental stewardship and promote sustainability on campus.

“We’re excited to have  Rasmussen as our first campus sustainability coordinator and look forward to him leading us to the next level in our efforts to further green LMU,” said Mike Lotito, P.E., director of plant operations at LMU.

Rasmussen, who started Feb. 1, will be responsible for analyzing and reporting current sustainability data, environmental stewardship and green initiatives at LMU.  He will also develop and implement programs, initiatives and resources to promote campus awareness and visibility of sustainability issues. Additional responsibilities include collaborating on sustainability issues with the community, and cooperating with sustainability leaders at other institutions.

“Our goal is to become a more environment-friendly university and to reduce our carbon imprint,” Lotito said. “The new position will integrate all the different aspirations from students, faculty and staff for sustainability on campus.”

Rasmussen comes to LMU from California State University, Long Beach, where he served as a state scientist for the California Environmental Protection Agency Integrated Waste Management Board Sustainability Program. He is an adjunct instructor at Long Beach City College and Rio Hondo College in Whittier, Calif. where he teaches courses in Philosophy and Environmental Technology departments.

Rasmussen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in natural resources from Humboldt State University, where he was also the program director for the campus recycling program, and an M.A. in philosophy at CSU Long Beach. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education leadership at CSU Long Beach, where he is conducting research on sustainability in higher education.

LMU’s commitment to green-friendly practices began in 1990, when it implemented the first university-wide recycling program in the country.  By 1995, the university was recycling 50 percent of its generated solid waste.  In addition, LMU was the first campus in California to recycle 100 percent of its green waste.  In 2003, LMU completed installation of a roof-top solar electric system which was, at that time, the largest at any university in the world. 

For more information about sustainable initiatives and programs at LMU, visit www.lmu.edu/green or click here