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LMU Undergraduates to Present Math Research at National Meeting

Two Loyola Marymount University undergraduates are engaged in a research project that follows in the footsteps of generations of mathematicians before them. Junior Colleen Bouey and sophomore Erika Meza are investigating innovative ways to compute pi. The project is being advised by Herbert Medina, professor of mathematics.

Bouey and Meza will present their work, “Computing Pi via New Polynomial Approximations to Arctangent,” in New Orleans, Jan. 6-9, 2011, at the Joint Mathematics Meeting, which is billed as the largest annual mathematics meeting in the world.

"This research project is an opportunity for a firsthand experience of what it means to conduct mathematical research,” said Meza, “and to present our conclusions to a greater audience of mathematicians.”

The research project is funded by a grant from the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics at Brigham Young University. The $13,000 grant provides for research stipends, supplies and travel expenses. Bouey and Meza will also attend the BYU mathematics center’s conference in Salt Lake City in March 2011. 

Posted Jan. 3, 2011