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LMU Students Put the Planet First in Honor of Earth Day

Students at Loyola Marymount University celebrated Earth Week from April 19 to 29, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, which was April 22. The series of events was created by ASLMU’s Committee for Environmental Responsibility to enlighten students about the environment and the well-being of the planet.

“I hope that [students] had a good time, and that going to Earth Week events helped them to be more conscious about the environment,” said Kimberly Tomicich, director of the committee.

Earth Week featured film screenings, discussions and a health expo. An outdoor festival was held April 29. Students were served free vegan food and had the option to decorate a re-usable tote bag, attend a mini eco-film festival, grow their own oxygen, or visit the last LMU Farmers Market of the academic year.  Entertainment was provided by art students who contributed environmental-themed pieces to the Student Art Exhibition and live music by Mojo Stone, a band of LMU students.

As the first director of the newly created committee, Tomicich has spent the past year on programs and campaigns to encourage students to take environmental action. One of her first projects was taking over the organization of the Farmers Market, an event founded in 2007. She pulled in nearly all new vendors, hoping to support more local produce.

“Students see environmentalism as sacrifices, but there’s a lot of shifts that are happening that will make it easier,” said Tomicich, a sophomore environmental studies major. “I think the most important thing for LMU students to do, in terms of environmentalism, is to just be thoughtful in what you use, what you consume and to conserve in any way possible.”

Other Earth Week events included a screening of “Earth Days,” “Kilowatt Ours,” “Planet Earth” and “Who Killed the Electric Car,” which featured a question-answer session with Chris Paine, the director. Herbert Medina, professor of mathematics, hosted “Walk L.A.”, an on-foot excursion meant to encourage cut backs on automobile usage.

Posted May 3, 2010