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LMU Students Attend New Program at Harvard's Kennedy School

Senior Adrienne Soto was one of six Loyola Marymount University students selected to participate in the Latino Leadership Initiative at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. The highly competitive summer program was established to help develop the next generation of Latino leaders.

“The Latino community is growing at such a rapid pace and we need Latino leaders to represent them and be their voice because they truly understand the needs of the Latino community firsthand,” Soto said.

The weeklong program included classes on decision making, negotiation, and public narrative. Students were also able to network with respected Latino mentors from the government, nonprofit and business sectors.

“I learned that no matter how successful a person becomes, they should always be humble and give back to the community where they came from,” Soto said.

The program was developed with seed money from Walter Ulloa, an LMU trustee, Loyola Law School alumnus, and chairman and CEO of Entravision Communications.  Entravision Communications is being recognized with the 2010 MAAA Distinguished Corporate Honoree Award for its leadership and outstanding service to the Latino community.