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LMU Staff Volunteers in Holiday Service Project

LMU Staff Volunteers in Holiday Service Project

Just like Santa’s workers prepare toys for children around the globe, St. Margaret’s Center and Loyola Marymount University staff volunteered to make the holidays special for hundreds of underprivileged families in Los Angeles.

Each year, St. Margaret’s Center hosts a holiday gathering where low income families are treated to a day of fun activities. Children are entertained by volunteers who play games with them and offer performances. While the children are busy, parents select gifts for them from a lavish display of toys that have been donated to the center. This year the event took place at the Hollywood Park Race Track on December 19 and included 70 staff volunteers from LMU.

“It is rewarding to reach out to our community and be a contributing part of this program that is all about helping the greater Los Angeles community and the people in need,” said Cindy Barnes, administrative coordinator, who has been volunteering for the past four years. Her co-workers in LMU’s University Relations Department, have been partnering with St. Margaret’s Center for the last seven years. LMU’s Center for Service and Action also plays a vital role in organizing staff volunteers and supporting the staff at St. Margaret’s with their endeavors.

“For me, this program is about service of faith and the education of the whole person,” said Marianna Ochoa, associate director of annual support. “LMU as an employer, allows the staff to get involved—it speaks volumes about how LMU stands by their mission statement and the importance of service not only for their students, but for their staff as well,”

Ochoa and Barnes agree that this service gives the opportunity to not only give, but to get involved and see the impact you have on another person’s holidays, and life. They look forward to continuing to be a part of the tradition in the coming years.