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LMU Staff Honored for Outstanding Service

Clarence GriffinClarence Griffin, director of Community and Local Government Relations, was presented with the outstanding service award by the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce. Griffin has devoted countless hours serving as a representative of LMU on numerous boards and community groups.

While he is honored to receive such recognition, Griffin won’t accept this award for his individual efforts. “I accepted this award on behalf of LMU because of the great work that each department does with the community,” said Griffin. “The meaning of the award is reflective of the collective outreach that LMU is doing for the community.”

The award was presented at the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Installation dinner. The new officers of the chamber were welcomed, various community leaders spoke and different awards were presented to community leaders. Other award recipients included Laurie Hughes for Outstanding Program: Future Leaders Training, Maxine Waters for Public Service Award and Karen Dial for Honorary Mayor’s award.