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LMU Provides One-on-One Financial Aid Counseling at Local High School

BradfordLoyola Marymount University participated in a Cash for College free workshop for high school seniors who sought help and advice finding the funds for college. The Jan. 28 workshop was hosted by Assemblymember Steve Bradford at Gardena High School.

"The cost of college has risen dramatically in recent years, and the financial aid process can be confusing and burdensome," said Bradford. "I am extremely grateful that we have counselors, like those from LMU, who are willing to help our students through the financial aid process."

The workshops provide one-on-one assistance and guidance in finding and applying for financial aid for college. Families also get help completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – FAFSA – and the Cal Grant GPA verification forms. The FAFSA consists of detailed questions regarding the student's finances, as well as those of his or her family; these become a formula that determines the expected family contribution and the eligibility for financial aid.

"There is such a big need for outreach and advocacy about FAFSA and financial aid," said Daniel Wait, associate director of counseling and outreach for LMU’s Financial Aid Office. "The process changes almost every year. We are there to help out as much as possible and to walk students and their parents through the process step-by-step."

For more information about the workshops, click here; for information about LMU’s Financial Aid Office, click here.