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LMU M.B.A. Student Invited to Clean Technology Forum

Loyola Marymount University graduate student Alexis Boxer got a chance to put her green-business interests to a test.

Boxer, who will complete her M.B.A. in May, was invited to take part in the Athgo International Clean Tech Forum, March 3–7, at UCLA. She, along with 200 students and professionals, formed teams to debate, discuss and devise business plans that conform to environmentally conscious concerns. The forum included seminars and workshops on developing business plans that will promote sustainability and enhance use of renewable energy resources and green technology, and that have socially conscious goals.

Boxer, who earned a bachelor’s in anthropology from UC Berkeley in 2003, heard about the forum from David Choi, assistant professor of entrepreneurship in the College of Business Administration. The subject caught her attention because of her environmental concerns and her interest in the rewards for going green. “I have been interested in sustainable and green business since I started the program,” she said. “The green boom coincided with my entry into the M.B.A. program.”

Loyola Marymount University appealed to Boxer because she appreciated LMU’s opportunities for close interaction between professors and students and its emphasis on ethics and justice.

Athgo International, the forum’s sponsor, works to engage young people in social entrepreneurship. After the conference, all participants in addition must submit an individual plan on a separate topic. These individual plans will then be judged for scholarships supported by Athgo.