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LMU Hosts National Business Ethics Competition

LMU Hosts National Intercollegiate Business Ethics Competition

Students from across the world are traveling to Loyola Marymount University to compete in the 10th Annual National Intercollegiate Business Ethics Competition, April 10-12. The competition is part of the Business Ethics Fortnight, a multi-week program at LMU centered on facing real-life ethical challenges in the business world. This competition offers students a chance to win up to $2,000 and distinguished awards in business ethics.

Teams consist of 3-5 members who compete to present the legal, financial and ethical dimensions of a business problem. The participants are faced with contemporary issues such as oil drilling, cloning and food services, corporate environmentalism and fair trade practices, among others.

LMU faculty and local Los Angeles business professionals judge the students presentations. The final teams face off and a winner is announced at the awards banquet on April 12.

By challenging students to come up with solutions on all fronts – legal, financial and ethical – they are presented with real issues that businesses face every day. The event helps students learn there are ways to make a profit in business while still maintaining a high standard of ethics.

More than 30 schools will compete this year including two international universities, McGill University, Canada and Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Other national schools include UCLA, Fairfield University, United States Military Academy, Villanova University, University of Arizona, University of Michigan and University of San Francisco, among many others.