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LMU Hosted Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum

LMU Hosted Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum

Students resumed classes with a stimulating Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum on Monday, Jan. 14. at Loyola Marymount University.

Representatives from the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich and Barack Obama presented their candidate’s platform and took questions from the audience. The event was co-organized by LMU and various local community groups.

“It is important for LMU to host such events for the community-at-large, because we are a university that is engaged in the issues affecting the public,” said Mark Waier, manager of state and federal government relations at LMU. “We want to bring various perspectives to not only our students, but the residents that are part of the community that we share.”

A straw poll was conducted determined that the favorite among attendees that evening was Kucinich with 32 votes, while Obama followed closely with 31. Members of the Westchester Democratic Club, West L.A. Democratic Club and LAX Area Democratic Club were in attendance as co-sponsors of the program.

Disclaimer: Loyola Marymount University does not endorse the views of any political candidate or party. All presidential candidates were offered the opportunity to speak at LMU.