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LMU Hosted Community Open House

LMU Hosted Community Open House

FountainLoyola Marymount University hosted a Community Open House last week to inform the public about its proposed Master Plan. It is the first of several community meetings that will take place during the course of the approval process.

At the Community Open House LMU representatives were available to provide background on the project and answer questions. The public also heard the City of Los Angeles Planning Department and had an opportunity to comment on the project. The Master Plan was announced in mid-March and envisions the next 20 years of proposed campus improvements.

“The Master Plan will serve as our guide for the next two decades in modernizing LMU facilities,” said Robert B. Lawton, S.J., LMU President. “We see it as a blueprint for improving our ability to serve our students and continuing to fulfill our commitment to be of service to the Los Angeles community.”

Among the plan’s features are the construction of a new science facility; the replacement of some traditional residence halls with up-to-date residential apartments; improved internal traffic routing; and better pedestrian connections throughout the campus.

The Master Plan does not include an increase in student enrollment or university acreage. LMU will continue to provide a small, residential campus experience.

“It is important to reiterate that the Master Plan provides a responsible, comprehensive roadmap that will guide the modernization of the university’s facilities to meet the educational needs of students in the 21st century,” said Clarence Griffin, director of community and government relations. “We strive to keep neighbors informed and engaged in this process every step of the way.”

To complete the Master Plan process, LMU will work with the City of Los Angeles and neighbors in the Westchester community to take into account the needs of the university as well as the input of its neighbors. The public, as well as members of the LMU community, will have opportunities to submit their comments or concerns to city officials prior to the final approval by the City Council. The entire process is expected to take at least two years.

To learn more about the LMU Master Plan, go to www.lmu.edu/masterplan.