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LMU Honors Program Celebrates 50th Anniversary, 1958-2008

Loyola Marymount University’s Honors Program is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. The anniversary celebration will kick-off this weekend with the first annual senior thesis symposium on Apr. 5.

The all-day conference will showcase LMU Honors Program’s senior final projects in the humanities, sciences, arts and film which were completed under the direction of their faculty advisors. LMU Honors Program alumnus, Steven Mailloux, will be the guest speaker at the event.

In addition to various events throughout the year, the LMU Honors Program will also re-launch an interdisciplinary journal named, “Attic Salt.” The journal will celebrate LMU student’s gifts and talents by including creative and scholarly writing edited by the honors program students. The first issue is scheduled to launch in late April and will include a DVD with film clips by LMU students.

The LMU Honors Program is a four-year long experience that was created to support an academic environment of intellectual adventure, and provide a carefully integrated and demanding curriculum. An average of 40 students per year are admitted into the program.

For more information and upcoming events, please contact the Honors Program at 310.338.1780 or visit www.lmu.edu\honors.