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LMU Film Graduate Wins Cinematography Honor

Garrett Shannon ’08 is just getting started in his film career and already he can add “award-winning” to his résumé.

Garrett ShannonShannon was named an ASC Richard Moore Student Heritage Award recipient during an American Society of Cinematographers ceremony Feb. 27, 2010, in Los Angeles. The prestigious award is given annually to two students, an undergraduate and a graduate student, to recognize the next generation of specialists in motion picture photography. The award is named for the co-founder of Panavision, a motion picture equipment company, and who was a cinematographer and director of a number of TV commercials and films.

Shannon, who graduated from Loyola Marymount University in December 2008, was honored for his undergraduate work on “In Memoriam,” a 17-minute graduate thesis film by Corey Todd Jones ’09.

He started on his path in high school. “I was always interested in photography,” Shannon said. “My father showed me a lot of the technical details of developing still photos. Then I made a transition from stills to cinematography.”

Shannon said the support he got at LMU helped him develop his craft. “The community of students, faculty and staff created a very encouraging atmosphere,” he said. Shannon worked as cinematographer on about a dozen student projects at LMU and gave technical assistance to many other projects.   

Shannon will soon go to Sweden to work as a camera assistant and digital imaging technician on a documentary for a government-run educational channel.

Photo courtesy of Marlena Steiner / via The Los Angeles Loyolan

Posted March 7, 2010