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LMU Farmers Market Hopes to Grow More Success

Now in its third year, the Farmer’s Market at Loyola Marymount University will once again begin providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the university community starting in September.


The initial idea was developed by Catie Bereznay ’07, who noticed a lack of options for fresh produce on-campus. As a recipient of the Strauss Public Service Scholarship, which is awarded to students who show a strong commitment to public service or education, Bereznay organized the market to create easy access to fresh produce, which also supported local farmers.


Kimberly Tomicich ’12, ASLMU Director of Environmental Responsibility, is following in Bereznay’s footsteps as student manager of the market, and she is committed to providing a venue of commerce for California farmers, local entrepreneurs, musicians and the LMU community. Tomicich said vendors are chosen based on proximity to campus and preferences of students. 


“The environmental intention of the LMU Farmers Market is to provide people with access to fresh food which has been grown locally,” Tomicich explained. “This decreases fuel consumption and pollutant emissions that result from transportation, and provides customers with healthier food.”


This year, Tomichich also hopes to attract the university’s neighbors to the weekly market to strengthen the bond between LMU and the greater Westchester community.


“I encourage everyone at LMU to take advantage of the market, “Tomicich said. “Speak with the farmers and vendors – many of them have very interesting stories they'd love to share with you. You might learn something from them, and they might learn something from you.”

Posted Sept. 14, 2009